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Brain Tumor Causes and Symptoms

Currently, there are no direct causes that explain the appearance of a brain tumor. There are some tumors that can originate hereditary (neurofibromas) or by induction due to physical agents (radiotherapy). The vast majority of tumors are considered to have a multifactorial origin.

Brain Tumor Symptoms

Increased pressure inside the skull. The tumor, due to its growth, occupies a space inside the skull and produces symptoms due to increased pressure, which are usually headache , drowsiness, nausea, vomiting and, in very serious cases, even loss of consciousness with a coma.

Man unable to speak or with difficulties

Direct local injury. Depending on the location, the tumor can cause decreased strength or sensitivity, impaired language, visual impairment, memory problems, etc. These symptoms are those that often remain as sequelae after surgical treatment.

Cerebrospinal fluid circulation obstruction

Cerebrospinal fluid circulation obstruction. A clear fluid known as cerebrospinal fluid forms inside the brain. It circulates from the center of the brain, through ducts, to the brain surface where it is absorbed. Every day, approximately 500 ml of this liquid are manufactured and the same amount is absorbed. A tumor is capable of obstructing the normal flow of this fluid and preventing it from reaching the place where it is reabsorbed. This fact is known by the name of hydrocephalus and produces symptoms due to increased pressure.

Indirect local brain injury

Indirect local injury. The brain tumor can not only cause symptoms by tissue injury directly, but can produce symptoms in adjacent areas by compression and inflammation. They are usually less intense symptoms and that respond better to the treatment of tumor extraction.

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