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6 Remedies against Erectile Dysfunction

1. Consume (a lot) olive oil

Increase the consumption of “liquid gold”, fruits, vegetables, pasta … and everything that encompasses the acclaimed Mediterranean diet. It is good for the heart and, precisely, cardiovascular disorders are behind many episodes of ED, in which impotence is not the disease but the symptom. “80% of erectile dysfunction cases are caused by vascular problems,” said Greek doctor Athanasios Angelis at a congress of the European Society of Cardiology, held in December 2014 in Austria. Keeping blood pressure and cholesterol at bay will improve your sexual activity. “The testosterone in the fat is going to be converted into female hormones, and the cholesterol decreases the blood flow that reaches the penis,” warns Dr. Natali Cruz, national coordinator of the Andrology Group of the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU).

2. Put out the cigarette

Men who smoke are more at risk for ED, and the more cigarettes they smoke, the greater the risk. That supports a 2007 study from Tulane University (Louisiana, USA). The analysis, based on an examination of more than 7,000 men in China between 2000 and 2001, added that 22.7% of dysfunction cases in that country were attributable to tobacco use.

3. Move (but not by bike)

If you have erection problems, don’t just lie on the couch. Sport will improve your blood circulation and therefore your performance. “With exercise we will ensure that our vascular tree is prepared to carry blood to all the organs, including the penis,” explains Dr. Cruz. Any discipline is good, except cycling. “Saddles traumatize the perineum, and the arteries that carry blood to the penis are damaged. They even create that feeling of numbness in the glans that some cyclists have, “he stresses.

4. Give the herbalist a chance

Arginine is an amino acid that increases the blood flow necessary for sexual intercourse. This is stated by the writer of medical topics Victoria Dolby Toes in her book Sexual Power (Ed. Nautilus). Arginine is found in protein-rich foods such as soy, brown rice, chicken, walnuts, and dairy; and, of course, in a bunch of herbalist vials. This specialist recommends taking two to five grams of arginine at night or one hour before sexual intercourse.

The same author affirms that some plants have aphrodisiac powers: they increase desire and potency. He cites half a dozen, among which the yohimbe, the ginkgo and, of course, ginseng; extracts that activate blood flow in general (some are not recommended for hypertensive patients). “Ginseng,” says Victoria Dolby Toews in her book, “drives the production of sex-related hormones, such as testosterone.”

5. Relax: meditate

Stress is responsible for many health disorders, including ED. And not only that: impotence can cause stress to those who suffer from it, so it is a vicious circle. “Stress involves an adrenaline rush and this closes off the arteries that reach the penis; in a state of stress no one can have an erection”, says Dr. Natalio Cruz.

Try to get away from anxiety: relax, regularly practice breathing exercises, try to disconnect from work and relativize problems. You will see how your spirits rise.

6. Make love a lot

This is clearly a preventive measure: if you can’t do it, how the hell will you repeat? However, scientists at the University Hospital of Tampere (Finland) showed in 2008 that men who have relationships more frequently are less likely to suffer from this problem. In other words, the more sex, the less erectile dysfunction. Going into detail, they discovered that the problem had an incidence of 7.9% in men who had sex less than once a week, 3.2% in those who did it once a week and 1.6% among those athletes. Who practiced it three or more times every seven days?

In short, it is about taking care of your lifestyle, as a study from the University of Adelaide (Australia) lit last year, which with this surprising headline powerfully attracted attention: “Erectile dysfunction can be cured without medication.” “How?” Asked millions of desperate men around the world. What the experts proposed was not so difficult to fulfill (or yes, depending on how you look at it): improve our weight and take care of nutrition, do more sports, drink less alcohol, sleep better at night and identify risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension or cholesterol. 29% of the men analyzed managed, with healthier habits, to overcome impotence.

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